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6 thoughts on “ Teslascope Radio Transmitter - TeslaSonic - Electrical Oscillator Activity

  1. Fig. 1. — Probable Appearance of the Wonderful Tesla Oscillator Tower at Night — It Is Located at Shoreham, L. I., and Is Intended for Radiating Electrical Energy in the Form of High Frequency Waves Propagated Thru the Earth Itself — Tower Stands Feet High.
  2. February Chart. https: Share this chart: 1. TESLASONIC. Electrical Oscillator Activity. MinimalRome Italy. Cat: MROME Rel: 08 Feb Electro. High Frequency Coil () Teslascope Radio Transmitter () Rotating Magnetic Field () Control Of Individualised Automats () Tuned Receiving Transformer () Electrical.
  3. Third experiment from the Teslasonic lab. A 6-tracks (mini LP) journey through some of the most notable inventions of the Serbian genius. An electronic ode to electricity, its applications and its revolutionary place in the history of mankind.
  4. Fig. — Tesla oscillator with magnetically controlled, sealed mercury interrupter. From the very beginning I felt the necessity of producing efficient apparatus to meet a rapidly growing demand and during the eight years succeeding my original announcements I developed not less than fifty types of these transformers or electrical oscillators, each complete in every detail and refined to.
  5. TESLA ON GLOBAL WIRELESS ENERGY TRANSMISSION In the other the power is transmitted by creating "standing waves" in the earth by charging the earth with a giant electrical oscillator that would make the earth vibrate electrically in the same way a bell vibrates mechanically when it is struck with a hammer. A grounded radio transmitter.

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